Grzegorz Zieleniec

I am a diving instructor - co-author of the book "Diving", runner-up in Poland since a few years ago in archery, who in his free time enjoys canoeing and kayaking on the river. I became interested in nature and landscape photography 10 years ago. Since then, alone or with a group of people with similar interests, I have been going through interesting places in Poland and Europe. Searching for open air, sneaking towards animals ("children's games for the Indians"), or building hiding places - chats for many hours of sitting is the specificity of nature photography. Thanks to this, it is possible to record something that in a few or dozen years' time will only be on a photographic paper or a computer monitor. In my travels I observe the disappearance of wild areas and the uneven struggle between nature and man.

The most fascinating is the native nature, which turns out to be extremely rich. Biebrza marshes, Bieszczady and Bialowieza forests, the backwaters of the Narew and around Słonsk and many other places in our country provide the power of unforgettable impressions. Looking through the camera, thousands of geese or cranes before migration, ruffs fighting in the spring, disturbed and sometimes aggressive owls, deer in the rut, elks wading in wetlands or watchful white-tailed eagles are a pleasure but also a desire to register the richness of Polish nature. Sometimes I'm lucky to see it all, sometimes when happiness is particularly good to photograph. I would like my pictures to show nature as it is. On the one hand, aggressive, on the other hand, peaceful and harmonious.






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